The Bleeding Risks Of Xarelto: Why Were They Downplayed?

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For a few years now, the drugs known as Pradaxa and Xarelto have been connected in some way to bleeding.  Many people have suffered severe bleeding after taking these drugs.  Unfortunately, many have also been hospitalized or had an untimely death because of Xarelto being unsafe due to the bleeding risks, and no antidote being available.

Over the past few months, the courts have been extremely busy processing lawsuits and listening to discussions about Xarelto.  The Xarelto cases are continuing to pile up.  All of the plaintiffs have made claims that the drug manufacturers of Xarelto talked more about the supposed benefits of Xarelto instead of warning patients of the side effects.  The plaintiffs truly believe that the benefits were overstated.

Xarelto was introduced to the market as being the next best thing.  Warfarin was the top anticoagulant for a number of years; so this new drug was about to knock warfarin off the throne.

Xarelto, unlike warfarin, does not require any blood monitoring to ensure there are no risks for life-threatening situations.  This was one of the benefits that were placed with Xarelto.  Patients would not have to go through with the inconvenience of hospital visits and monitoring their blood levels.

Unfortunately, this is the main reason litigation is ongoing for Xarelto.  If the plaintiffs knew of the potential side effects, they could have possibly prepared themselves for what they are currently facing.

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